Laura Vaughn, RDMS,RVT,RCS

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clinical product manager
Riverview, FL
United States
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I have worked in and around medicine since my first job as a nurses aid  in a nursing home at age 15. Started in college with nuclear medicine, but was bored quickly, this was pre-SPECT imaging, the ultrasound room was always busy, as a nuclear med intern, they let me spend free time in ultrasound, checking it out. graduated with my AAS in nuclear med and within 2 months started on my AAS in ultrasound. always been around ultrasound ever since. years of hospital work of course;, Applications specialist for Acuson; clinical manager for ultrasound PACS products; taught ultrasound. I suffered a massive stroke in 2012 and can no longer scan, or drive a car for that matter. I love to do any volunteer work that I can so I can still feel connected to my lifetime career choice.