About Volunteering

SDMS Volunteer Opportunities

The SDMS depends on volunteers to accomplish our mission and strategic goals. Volunteer opportunities with the SDMS can range from long-term commitments such as serving on the Board of Directors, a committee, or task force to participating in a micro-volunteer project that is shorter in nature. All volunteers must be SDMS members and are bound by the SDMS Volunteer Conflict of Interest Policy.

The SDMS is committed to promoting and implementing ongoing improvements to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the diagnostic medical sonography profession (SDMS Board Policy: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion [B.5.1]). 

SDMS Board of Directors

The SDMS Board of Directors provides the overall leadership and direction for the Society's activities on behalf of its members. Board members serve two year terms and are required to attend Board meetings each year (typically held in the spring and fall) and complete assigned projects. Each Board member serves as a liaison to an internal committee or to an external organization. Service on the Board does require each Board member to review background information in preparation for meetings and actively participate in the Board's discussions. Note: You must be a current individual SDMS member in good standing to run for a Board position. In addition, the SDMS Bylaws require that candidates running for the President position must have previously served on the Board of Directors to be considered by the SDMS Nominating Committee.

Please Note: Only individual SDMS members who are credentialed by a national sonography credentialing body recognized by the SDMS Board of Directors as outlined in the Recognition of Sonography Credentialing Organizations Position Statement may run for or serve in an elected or appointed position.


A committee consists of volunteers who have agreed to contribute time to the committees' objectives. Committees are developed based on the needs of the Society and profession. However, the SDMS Bylaws mandate that the Society maintain the following committees:

  • Bylaws
  • Ethics
  • Finance
  • Membership
  • Nominating

Task Forces

A task force consists of members who have agreed to contribute time to a specific activity or cause. Volunteers who are chosen have specialized in the activity or have experience with the particular cause. Task Force volunteers are selected on an as needed basis by the SDMS President.


A micro-volunteer activity is a task completed in small increments of time and may take a few hours, days, or months to complete, and does not require an ongoing commitment. Volunteers are selected on an as needed basis. The SDMS maintains a list of micro-volunteers to choose from throughout the year.