Call for Volunteers

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Signup Deadline: 10-30-2022
Starts: 10-31-2022
Ends: 10-31-2022



The SDMS depends on volunteers to accomplish its mission and strategic goals. Volunteer opportunities with the SDMS range from long-term commitments such as committees to micro-volunteer projects that are shorter in nature.

Committee: A committee consists of volunteers who have agreed to contribute time to a committee's activities for a two-year period. A committee is established based on the needs of the Society and profession.

There are currently open committee positions on the C
onference Management and Membership Awards & Recognition Committees.

Task Force: A task force consists of members who have agreed to contribute their time to completing a specific time-sensitive activity or objective. Task Force members are specialized in the specific area or have experience with the particular cause. Task Force volunteers are selected on an as needed basis by the SDMS President.

There are currently open committee positions on the Disinfection & Infection Control Task Force. 

Micro-volunteerism: A micro-volunteer activity is a task completed in small increments of time and may take a few hours, days, or months to complete, and does not require an ongoing commitment. Volunteers are selected on an as needed basis.

Examples of micro-volunteer activities are presenters for virtual events and annual conference, CME Reviewers, and subject matter experts (e.g., clinical refreshers, registry reviews, and e-learning activities).

Your application for volunteer service will be carefully reviewed and considered. Every attempt is made to accommodate those interested in volunteer service, but no guarantee can be made that every application will result in an appointment. Also note that you must be an SDMS member in good standing to serve as an SDMS volunteer.

Please contact Mary Rodriguez at with any questions. Thank you for your interest.


Volunteers Needed:

120 (19 open slots)

Experience Required:

Experience Level Varies


Mary Rodriguez