SDMS Clinical Refreshers: Vascular Subject Matter Experts Needed (Lower and Upper Extremity Vasculature)

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Starts: 10-22-2021


YOUR EXPERTISE IS NEEDED! The SDMS Clinical Refreshers are practical, procedure-based, and patient-focused courses that allow sonographers to re-familiarize themselves with various topics. Each refresher is approximately 15 minutes in length.

Development Time: Approximately 3 weeks per course

Upon completion and acceptance of each completed SDMS Clinical Refresher(s), $50 towards your SDMS membership and three (3) times the approximate length/time for a sonographer to complete each SDMS Clinical Refresher

Current topics available:

  • Lower Extremity Vasculature: Arterial-Anterior Tibial
  • Lower Extremity Vasculature: Arterial-Dorsalis Pedis
  • Lower Extremity Vasculature: Arterial-External Iliac
  • Lower Extremity Vasculature: Arterial-Posterior Tibial
  • Lower Extremity Vasculature: Arterial-Superficial Femoral
  • Lower Extremity Vasculature: Arterial-Tibioperoneal Trunk
  • Lower Extremity Vasculature: Venous-Reflux Assessment
  • Lower Extremity Vasculature: Venous-Small Saphenous
  • Upper Extremity Vasculature: Venous: Brachiocephalic
  • Upper Extremity Vasculature: Venous: Radial

More Details:


Volunteers Needed:

25 (11 open slots)

Experience Required:

Experience Level Varies


Mary Rodriguez